Artist Note:

Each of us sees the world differently. Artworks are expressed subjectively even though they depict reality since interpretation of visual information varies based upon each viewer's sensibilities and emotions.

Sakura Fujii creates paintings by projecting her own subjectivity in the way she draws lines, her choice of colors, etc.

By expressing her own subjectivity and imagination in her paintings, she shows how the world is distorted by such subjectivity and that our eyes are filters that are tinged with this personalized viewpoint. 


2023 -- Nihon University, Japan

2020 -- BA(Honors), Fine Arts, Arts University Bournemouth, UK

Exhibition History:

Jun 2024 -- Ulsan International Art Fair (UiAF), Ulsan, Korea

Apr 2024 -- BAMA Busan 2024, Busan, Korea

Apr 2024 -- Two-person Exhibition, Gallery Upkas, Daegu, Korea

Aug 2019 -- Summer Art and Craft, Yokohama, Japan

July 2019 -- The 23th Nationwide Thumbhole Public Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan

Aug 2018 -- Shibuya Scramble Crossing Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan


May 2022 - The 15th Platina Art Grand Prize Exhibition, Accepted