Artist Note:

My paintings are made of a series of cut-out collage works. I paint paper, cut it with scissors, and then glue the cut pieces together. This process is repeated continuously until the artwork is complete. This type of collage activity was my favorite childhood pastime, and I continue to play this game as an artist.

The themes of my paintings are about "roles and individuality." Even if our roles in life change, our individuality remains the same. Individuality is like a piece of freely painted colored paper before it is collaged together with other pieces. Even if we are given a particular role in society and even if our existence is controlled and shaped, the colors that have already been applied to us do not change. Each piece of colored paper, without losing its individuality, makes its own unique contribution to the overall painting scheme when they are collaged together, just as we individuals play various roles in larger society without losing our own individuality. 


2023 -- BA(Honors), Illustration, Arts University Bournemouth, UK

2016~2017 -- Arts and English, Japan College of Foreign Language, Japan

Exhibition History:

Apr 2024 --  BAMA Busan 2024, Busan, Korea

Apr 2024 -- Two-Person Exhibition, Gallery Upkas, Daegu, Korea

Jul 2023 -- AUB Summer Show, Arts University Bournemouth, Bournemouth, UK

Jun 2023 -- New Design Fair, Business Design Center, London, UK